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New Orleans Saints play for “each other” not Pro Bowl

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When the Pro Bowl roster came out recently, many New Orleans Saints fans were expecting to see a few given names from the team.  However, a few were snubbed.  While fans are upset, the players are simply focusing on another goal.

While the Saints defense hasn’t meet expectations of the fans this season, I slowly saw that this wasn’t the 2009 team.  In fact, I actually started to put that memory to rest.  We will never be able to compare the ’09 Saints to any other season ever again…ever.

The magic of that season has been chased since the confetti stopped falling in Miami like an addictive drug of some sort.  That’s why people get addicted my friends, it’s because you’ll always chase that feeling and it won’t be the same.  It seemed this season was no different.

The Pro Bowl snub for several players, on both sides of the ball mind you, for the Saints was one of several recently.  The NFL’s MVP award seems deadlocked to go to Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers.  Granted he’s very good, but analysts barely mention Saints QB Drew Brees name in the same conversation.

When Drew Brees broke Dan Marino’s single season passing record on Monday night, it was immediately trashed by CBS Sports “Senior Writer” Pete Prisco and Yahoo! Sports writer Jason Cole as being “tainted” and classless for what they described as running up the score.

Now with the Pro Bowl roster snubs to players like strong safety Roman Harper and cornerback Jabari Greer, it feels like “here we go again”.  I’ll hand it to the players though.  They gave me a reality check on what is really important in the big picture for the Saints postseason.