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New Orleans Saints Harper and Brees dished on by Panthers RB Williams

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Carolina Panthers RB DeAngelo Williams must be getting himself ready for the game tomorrow against the New Orleans Saints because in a video blog, he had some strong words about SS Roman Harper and QB Drew Brees breaking Marino’s record.

On Tuesday of this week, Williams did a video blog on his website at LiveStream.com(click here) about the upcoming game against the Saints tomorrow.  In the video, Williams gives his game plan and what his feelings are about Harper.  He also shows how much Brees breaking the single season passing record means to him.

"I’m going to be chippy.  I’m not usually a chippy guy but I’m going to be chippy just because I might want to start something.  I may get fined this game(shrugs), cool with that."

Williams launched into Harper by saying:

"Roman Harper wanted to take it upon himself to put a cheap shot on Smitty(WR Steve Smith).  I found it so disrespectful how he took a shot on Steve at out home place.  I mean…for him to have the audacity to think that he could do it at our house and not have a problem with any repercussions, that bothered me a little bit. They disrespected us at our house last time and that’s something that we don’t take lightly."

With the last quote, Williams pretty much eluded to the notion that he plans a little payback by playing with “an edge”.  Williams gave his opinion on Brees breaking Marino’s passing record in a very laid back, uncaring manner.