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Pete Prisco of CBSSports: “Hit Brees in the mouth”; Who Dat Nation “idiots”

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Prisco began with this tweet during the game:

"Mike Smith is too nice.  I’d tell my players to hit Brees in the mouth."

Now we all know that players and coaches use this to refer to getting after a team or player.  Some also call this “Smash Mouth football”.  The next two tweets however told a different story.

"I’d take a personal foul and a fine.  For this?  This is crap. Falcons are pissed.  But I would have have(Prisco’s typo, not mine) taken him out.  Worth the fine.  Worth the penalty."

Prisco obviously came under fire from Saints fans for tweeting this and tried to do some damage control.  It failed because he then threw a jab at  Who Dat Nation in the process.  He tweeted:

"Saints nation loves me I guess.  Hit him in the mouth doesn’t mean take out his knees idiots."

Gee, when you’re talking about a personal foul/fine for roughing the passer or unnecessary roughness and use the words, “I would have taken him out”, what do you mean Pete?