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Pete Prisco of CBSSports: “Hit Brees in the mouth”; Who Dat Nation “idiots”

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Some criticism came yesterday over the decision by New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton to allow QB Drew Brees to remain in the game to break Dan Marino’s passing record.  One critic, Pete Prisco of CBSSports.com, didn’t just stop there.

Yes, Prisco was included in my article yesterday(click here) as one of the sports writers that blasted Payton for the decision and said it “tainted” the achievement by Brees and it took the “gloss” off of it.

Prisco further tried to insinuate that something was “stinky” when Payton addressed the issue before the media asked him about the decision to continue to let Brees go for the record.

He also claimed to have spoken to “one player” from the Atlanta Falcons and a “team source” that were upset with Payton.  Prisco failed to name the said player or team source for the Falcons.

While these comments got under the skin of Saints fans, it’s what Prisco said on his Twitter account that really surprised me.  I guess I expected an “NFL columnist” to be professional, unbiased, and have some dignity.  Not the case.

Prisco’s comments began with what seemed to be a rant and almost appeared to be coming from something I might have seen posted by a Falcons fan on a message board.