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Critics say New Orleans Saints Coach Payton made unclassy move

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This should be a time of celebration and happiness for the Saints, Brees, and fans.  I predict now that the focus will be on ESPN, NFL Network, etc. that the Saints ran up the score for a record.  I’ll also predict that Payton, Brees, and anyone associated with the Saints will be asked that question numerous times.

Simply put though, if you don’t want the other team to score, then stop them.  Falcons linebacker Sean Weatherspoon admitted that , “it’s our job to stop them”.  He also said that he wasn’t upset about the Saints going for the touchdown.

Outspoken Falcons wide receiver Roddy White even said that they couldn’t, “worry about what they’re(Saints) doing.”  He said putting it simply, “We didn’t make plays.”

I’m by far no veteran sports writer but I would like to extend a bit of advice to Prisco and Cole.  Own your comments.  If it ticked YOU off then just put that.  I’ve drawn critics for some of my articles but stand by them and will admit when I’ve made a mistake.

And, quit using “a player stated” or “one player stated”.  If you don’t know their name or just trying to use it to stir up a hornets nest, be man enough to admit it.  Just keep using a “team source”, we know it means it’s somebody on the staff who’s irrelevant and just wanted to be interviewed.

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