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The Gris Gris Man’s Spell On The Dirty Bird Falcons

By Editorial Staff

The Gris Gris Man’s Spell On The Dirty Bird Falcons

Falcons fly high and Falcons fly low,
Falcons fly into the Super Dome don’t fly no mo,
These things are true these things I know,
Let me tell ya why these things are so,

We beat dem birds on Monday nights,
We make them shake with fear and fright,
We send dem home with plucked feathers and lice,
We bust their tails with offensive might,

When Brees throws that ball to Colston he crosses dat goal,
We score so often it sometimes gets old,
When Darren runs around dem birds he dances with soul,
When Moore catches dat ball we headed to another Super Bowl,

Now when Vilma and Smith and Jo Lon Dunbar,
When dey hit them birds they think they back in a Bourbon street bar,
They will hurt dat quaterback and knock him back real far,
Then crush dem running backs and make dem see stars,

Now on special teams we got Sproles running good,
They will wish they was back in their own neighborhood,
When you watch this game you will understood,
Dat da Saints are more better and bringing da wood,

So come Monday night dey will see why dey should worry,
Our defense will swarm like a Tasmanian flurry,
We will send dem home with broken wings and da scurvy,
By the 3rd quarter we wont even have to hurry,

So after this game their playoff chances will be put to bed,
We’ll pluck their feathers and twist off their heads,
By the fourth quarter their feets will be like lead,
So now you know why they are full of fear and dread.