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NFC Playoffs: Scenarios for the New Orleans Saints

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Even if the Saints were to lose to the Carolina Panthers in Week 17, things would not change as far as seeding goes if they beat Atlanta this week.  The Falcons would travel to New Orleans to face the Saints in the first game.  Things get interesting though if there is a turn of events tomorrow night.

If the Saints defeat the Falcons, win the NFC South, and can’t go any higher than the #3 seed, then I would expect them to rest most of the starters against the Panthers as sort of a modified bye week.  Hey nothing to lose, nothing to gain.  We saw what happened last time.  Yet, if the Falcons beat the Saints tomorrow, all bets are off.

The Saints would then have to play their starters to lock up the #3 seed.  Simply because the Falcons would only need to defeat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (at this point a given) and the Saints lose to Carolina for the Falcons to have the #3 seed.  The Saints would then become the #5 seed and have to travel to face the #4 seed(NY Giants).

If you’re not cursing the St. Louis Rams for their World Series Wonder Hype Win  of the Saints in Week 8, then you must live in St. Louis.  The Saints would be in the running for the #2 seed and this article would be different.  However, should-coulda-woulda, the Saints simply need to defeat the Falcons tomorrow night.

After that, they could rest starters and get ready for the Wild Card Playoffs against the Falcons.  Tickets for tomorrow night are expected to be gobbled up for a sellout crowd and this will be a battle to be remembered on Monday night.  I can’t even imagine how it will be.  Oh yeah, just in case, GO RAMS!!  You guys owe us one!

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