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NFC Playoffs: Scenarios for the New Orleans Saints

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The New Orleans Saints got “scrooged” yesterday when the team that ruined their postseason last year, did it again.  That lump of coal makes the following playoff scenarios about as exciting as a dry turkey.

Sorry WDD readers, it’s Christmas and the family has laid down for a quick snooze and I’m still in full holiday mode.  I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and some quality family time.  Of course for Who Dat’s, our holiday cheer was riding on some other Dirty Birds from up North.

Yes, a new rivalry developed almost a year ago this time when Coach Pete “Mr. Rogers Neighborhood” Carroll’s Seattle Seahawks dashed the dreams of a Two Dat in the Wild Card Playoffs in January.  RB Marshawn Lynch “skittled” his way to a earthquake registering, back-breaking touchdown run against the Saints defense.

Yeah, in case you haven’t seen it, just turn on ESPN and they delight in showing this replay over, and over, and over, and over.  The Seahawks have been on a rampage lately and Lynch has been in full Beast Mode.  Of course, just like their cousins from down South, they don’t win when you want them too.

I have actually wanted the Atlanta Falcons to win at times for the simple fact of helping us in playoff seeding.  You know, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.  Well, I was rooting for the Seahawks last night to knock the San Francisco 49ers down so the Saints could possibly grab the #2 seed.  Let’s just say that they couldn’t “taste the rainbow”.