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Where Should Our Thoughts, Our Thanks Be On This Christmas Eve?

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As luck would have it, as it often happens a few thoughts came to me as I wrote the last line of my re-write, and the following poem was born. I’ve written many poems, but they just come to me when they want to be expressed, I have no control over them.

I hope you like this one, It’s my second contribution to our fighting troops. This one is mine alone.

“A Soldiers Christmas Gift”

"We take safety for granted as winter brings frost. we forget all the lives lost, the terrible cost. For each day of freedom a payment is made so children can all sleep in peace unafraid. The price paid is not silver, it’s not found in our banks. Tis the gift of a soldier… For that I give thanks."

“A Soldiers Christmas Gift” is Copyright December 2011 by Magyver@SaintsTailgate.com

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope that you don’t mind that I left a tear on my keyboard.