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What other NFL head coaches could be on the way out in the near future?

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We’ve already seen three NFL  head coaches let go before the season has ended.  What others may be on their way out as the season comes to a close?

Team owner’s aren’t waiting for the season to end this year before they make some cuts in the head coaching area.  So far Jacksonville Jaguars Head Coach Jack Del Rio, Miami Dolphins Head Coach Tony Sparano, and Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach Todd Haley were the latest casualties.

Once these three teams were seen to not be a postseason contender, the front offices wasted no time in making this decision.  While this might seem cold, anybody in the NFL will use the “it’s a business” tag when it comes to be fired or released.

Not winning is the surest way to be fired as a head coach.  Of the three I just mentioned, neither head coach finished with even a .500 record.  Of the three, Haley being fired was the most surprising, with Del Rio being pretty much a given.

In fact, I think everybody knew his fate was sealed when he was given a “Playoffs or Bust” from the administration.  The executioner’s axe could swing again very soon before the postseason arrives or if a team is eliminated during it.