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NFC South Week 15: Saints try for #2 seed; Falcons still fighting for playoffs

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Checking scores at halftime, I think that the Panthers are sure of a win in some of their games.  Yet an apocalyptic meltdown seems to happen every time and I’m left stunned.  They should at least be 6-7 by most standards.

For them, I don’t know if they will be able to handle a devastating Texans defense that is playing on a high level right now.  Also, the Texans offense is flourishing under rookie QB T.J. Yates and RB Arian Foster.

I don’t see the Panthers being able to keep pace with the Texans during the game.  The Texans have clinched their division but want more.  Not good for the inconsistent Panthers in Reliant Stadium.

My pick for the winner:  Houston Texans

Atlanta Falcons(9-5):  The Falcons did pretty much what we all expected and destroyed the Jacksonville Jaguars on Thursday to the point of embarrassment.  The Falcons, it appears, have begun to peak and are trying to “rise up”.

They will get some extra rest as the next week rolls around and they will travel to New Orleans to face the Saints on December 26 for a spot in the playoffs and a possible shot at the NFC South crown.

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