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The New Orleans Saints, Tennessee Titans, and playing against the refs?

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Sunday’s game against the Tennessee Titans was anything but pretty, Drew Brees was good not great, receivers dropped passes, and not to mention there were several calls made by the referee’s which ultiamately made the game much closer than it should have been.

The Saints defense played the same as they have most of the year, everyone knows “that” defense, they bend but don’t break, and sometimes fall back to using the dreaded “prevent defense” in what seems to be an homage to former defensive coordinator Gary Gibbs.

They gave up several big pass plays late in the contest, two of forty yards in back-to-back drives, and once again put on a clinic of how not to tackle in the NFL.

The bad penalties only amplified their deficiencies.

But coach Payton always say’s the same thing, it’s the win that matters in the end.

He would never publicly degrade the officials on the calls they made, or in this case missed, and he would never strip down his defensive coordinator in front of the media.

However it’s hard for most to agree with Payton’s lackadaisical attitude towards the refs, who single handedly wiped out 14 points for the Saints on two separate scoring plays.

Also they called more penalties in the first half alone then any other game this season.

First a holding call negated a nifty punt return touchdown by dangerous return man Darren Sproles.

The call was made on Jo-Lonn Dunbar, who wasn’t on the field, but eventually it was sorted out and the culprit was determined to be outside linebacker Martez Wilson.

Wilson threw a clean block on a Seattle defender, everyone in the stadium could see that, just not those pesky referee’s who are covering the field from all angles.

Hey things happen and no one is perfect, right?