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With Green Bay Packers looming New Orleans Saints defense must improve

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He went undrafted in 2004 before entering the NFL as a long shot to stick with the Buffalo Bills.

Heck, even in free agency he was the Saints second choice as they first tried diligently to pursue St.Louis Rams corner Ron Bartell, who chose to resign there after head coach Steve Spagnuolo took over the struggling franchise.

There are other variables beside talent, like scheme for instance. Maybe Gregg Williams blitz heavy defense leaves Jenkins and the gang hung out to dry in man coverage for way too long.

Even the greatest cover men in the league can only do so much when a quarterback is given all day to throw into man, zone, or a man/zone coverage.

It’s aggravating to most that as good as Gregg Williams is as a defensive coordinator he is failing to make adjustments from week-to-week to try and improve what has been a consistently disappointing pass defense.

If we all know the Saints defense is failing then why doesn’t he?

As the Saints enter their final three game stretch, already guaranteed a playoff spot, it’s urgent that changes be made in the secondary as it seems increasingly likely they are headed for a showdown with Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers.

Rodgers is red hot right now and currently the unanimous winner of the NFL’s not yet voted on MVP award.

At least this season he is playing better than Drew Brees, and that in it self is quite the accomplishment.

It’s hard to believe the Saints can go into Lambeau Field and defeat the Packers considering how poorly they have played on defense.

Let’s remember that Green Bay is loaded at receiver — Greg Jennings, Donald Driver, Jordy Nelson, James Jones, and Randall Cobb — just like the Saints are loaded at receiver.

Who has the better group depends on which fan base you ask.

That doesn’t mean that New Orleans can’t knock them off, and in fact they just might be the only team in the NFL capable of doing so, but if your a Saints fan you gotta be worried.

New Orleans offense can only carry the team so far. In the end it will be the defense that ultimately decides how well they fare in the playoffs this year. Two dat?