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New Orleans Saints Defense: Dirty or Aggressive?

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Harper gained attention in a game against the Carolina Panthers early in the season.  Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith had caught a pass and was running into the endzone.  Harper stated that Smith was showing off, to which Harper came across the endzone and nailed Smith well inside.  He admitted he knew it would be called but just couldn’t let Smith showboat.

While Harper is by far not going to be Ndamukong Suh, you can bet that officials will probably start to watch him a little bit more.  Williams frequently uses Harper in blitz packages and in run support.  He currently leads NFL safety’s with 16 sacks.  Harper usually will send fans into a frenzy after a sack by doing his “Moving Like Berney” dance.

One thing for sure is that the coaching staff for the Saints will have some words for Harper as well as the rest of the team.  Penalty flags were flying during the game in abundance against the Saints from start to finish.  If the Saints hope to win out the rest of the season and progress into the postseason, this sloppy style of play will need to be corrected.

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