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New Orleans Saints clinch Wild Card spot; will try for #2 seed

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The New Orleans Saints have one less burden off their shoulders in regards to the playoffs, but they can get more with a little help.

The Saints clinched a Wild Card spot in the playoffs with their victory over the Tennessee Titans today and a loss by the Chicago Bears to the Denver Broncos.  The Saints could have clinched the NFC South and a home game in the playoffs with a loss by the Atlanta Falcons.  The Falcons however, pulled a victory over the Carolina Panthers.

While the Saints and Who Dats are happy, the Saints can actually grab the treasured # 2 seed in the playoffs with homefield advantage and a bye.  In order for this to happen, the Saints will need to win the rest of their three games and have the San Francisco 49ers lose at least one more game.

The stars will need to align just right for the Saints.  The three games left are an away game next Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings and then two home games against the Atlanta Falcons and Carolina Panthers.  One game that will surely be the most difficult will be against the Falcons.

The 49ers next game will be a home one against the Pittsburgh Steelers on December 19.  They then travel to face the Seattle Seahawks on Christmas Eve and hit the road again on January 1 to play the St. Louis Rams.  Of these three, the Steelers game is their toughest followed by the Seahawks.