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New Orleans Saints will have several playoff options on Sunday

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 Scenario #2  seems a bit more likely to me.  In this, the Saints would still have to secure a victory and need either the Detroit Lions or Chicago Bears to lose on Sunday.  If this were to happen, the Saints would secure a Wild Card spot in the playoffs.  Trust me, I’m rooting for Scenario #1.  A Wild Card spot is nice, but we saw what happened last year.

The Lions will host the Minnesota Vikings in a game that is extremely important for Detroit and their playoff dreams.  The Lions have been in self-destruct mode lately, none more evident than the recent game against the Saints.  The Vikings sit at 2-10 and are out of the playoffs but are the spoiler here too.

The Bears are playing the Denver Broncos at Denver this Sunday with both teams at 7-5.  Also, both teams are in need of a win to move towards the playoffs.  The Bears look shakey at this point while the Broncos have seen salvation under quarterback Tim Tebow.  Out of the two in this scenario, I think Denver will pull this one out.

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