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New Orleans Saints will have several playoff options on Sunday

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With only four games left for the New Orleans Saints, their options for playoff scenarios are coming down to only a few in the NFC.  Let’s look at a few that will be available on Sunday when they face the Tennessee Titans.

We’ll go ahead and talk about the elephants in the room which are the #1 and # 2 seeds for the NFC playoffs.  It’s pretty much a lock that the Green Bay Packers have secured the #1 spot in the playoffs.  Yes, the road to the Super Bowl will run through Green Bay it appears for now.

The #2 seed looks like it will be going to the San Francisco 49ers who are at 10-2 right now.  I thought the St. Louis Rams could pull a shocker and defeat them like they did to us, but it appears they blew all their nine lives against us.  Thanks for the help St. Louie, we knew you well.  Barring an epic collapse, the 49ers have this #2 seed wrapped up.

With this Sunday approaching, the Saints are actually going to rely on some of their past NFC opponents for a little help in securing a playoff spot.  One of those, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” situations.  Of course, the Saints will have to do their part and win in all of the following scenarios.

Scenario #1 has been discussed in an article by our editor Keith Null(click here).  If the Saints win and the Atlanta Falcons lose on Sunday, the Saints will not only secure the NFC South division but at least one home game in the playoffs.  Atlanta will be facing the Carolina Panthers at Carolina. 

I like the way Carolina has been playing but they always seem to fall short even when they are ahead.  They did defeat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last Sunday, but without Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman involved.  The Panthers are all but out of the playoffs while the Falcons are still in the hunt.  The Panthers could play spoiler, but with a longshot.