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New Orleans Manufacturer is first to join the “Who Dat Network”

By Editorial Staff

On the eve of the big New Orleans Saints – New York Giants Monday Night Football game, there is a growing sense of peace in the Who Dat Nation business community.

Logo Express Marketing Company is a locally owned business with offices in New Orleans, Gretna, and Harvey.  It’s a family owned business, recognized as a giant in the manufacturing and sales of apparel, including T-shirts, uniforms, and other similar goods.   The firm has now announced that it is taking the lead in helping to form an alliance of businesses called “The Who Dat Network”.

Ironically, Logo Express was once a part of the litigation activities surrounding the ‘who owns Who Dat?’ controversy.  However, after careful study of numerous pages of documents, the owners of Logo Express have recognized WhoDat?, Inc. as the true owners of the original trademark.  As a result, the manufacturing giant has accepted a licensing agreement from Who Dat?, Inc. to manufacture and market a full line of “WhoDat?” apparel and other merchandise to local T-shirt shops, gift shops, and sporting goods stores.

Regarding the company’s previous position as one of the defendants in the New Orleans Saints / Who Dat / NFL lawsuit, a company spokesperson said, “We were offered a licensing agreement last year, but we wanted to study all of the legalities involved.  We are now 100% convinced that they (WhoDat?, Inc) own the trademark.  We encourage other local businesses to take the same position, and join us in growing the Who Dat Network. This is good for New Orleans and Louisiana owned companies”.

(For WhoDat Network information, contact International Marketing Systems, 504-831-9400.)