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New Orleans Saints: A letter to Sean Payton

By Editorial Staff
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Why would you not attempt to score a touchdown when you were ahead by only three points with that much time remaining (and Atlanta still having two timeouts)?

Brees could not be stopped yesterday.  He had good protection and did not have a poorly thrown ball all game.  Were it not for six dropped passes, he would have finished 36 for 43 on the day.  36 for 43!

The one time on that last drive that you let him throw over the middle on third-and-long, guess what happened?  He threw a wicked-good ball to Mr. Reliable, Marques Colston for a first down.

What has gotten into you, man?  Show no mercy.  Don’t back off.  Go back and listen to Herm Edwards’ “You play to win the game” speech.  (But please don’t do anything else Herm Edwards did when he coached.)

Your calling safe runs and short passes to the flats did not move the ball on that final possession (in regulation).  Shoot, you couldn’t even come away with a field goal.

You guys are better than that.  Stop playing to protect the lead, and go out and slam the door on the victory.  That’s what the 2009 Saints would have done.  (Oh, did I just go there?  I think I did.)

Let Brees throw to the seams and up the field.  Quit being so conservative in the second half.  This offense IS good enough to take you to another Super Bowl, if you will let them play.

Oh, and don’t tell us that Pete was calling the plays yesterday.  We know it was you.

And now, for two requests:  First, remember me when you make it to Indianapolis (Super Bowl XLVI) on the strength of your passing game.

Second, tell Gregg Williams to stop blitzing so much.  He’s the other reason you almost lost that game.


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