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The Gris Gris Man’s Spell On The Dirty Birds

By Editorial Staff

Big black pot boiling over red hot coals,
Eyes of newts and dead men’s souls,
Tails of monkeys and some butts of frogs,
With some lips of lizards and nose of dogs,
Lightning strikes and here come bad weather,
So now I add in some Falcon feathers,
Dees birds can’t fly when I place my spell,
So come dis Sunday dey can’t play too well,
Dem Dirty Birds they are not our friends,
And dis rivalry we got will never end,
Now all week long dey caught hell from snm,
He don’t like them birds and he don’t give a dam,
Now SaintsBeat he done got DawCon mad,
And now he wants to sleep at FDL’s pad,
Saint Jenkins he’s trying to keep da peace,
But DannnndeMannn is breaking beaks,
So along comeS 504 all dressed in black,
And shot some crows and put em in a sack,
See dem Falcons from Atlanta they aint really birds,
Dey sneaky chickens what makes chicken turds,
Ya can’t make falcon salad outta chicken crap,
And there aint no falcons what is colored black,
So up from da ground I will raise some dead souls,
And da Saints will march back to da Supa Bowl,
Dese Falcons think dey gonna get in da way,
But we gonna win dis game come Sunday,
So old Pappa Legba and Marie Laveau,
Lets take dem birds and roast em in da stove,
So when albastud goes messin wit der heads,
Dem Dirty Birds is all but dead,
Now all dats left is feathers and toes,
And da Saints is gonna win like everyone knows.


VOODOO SURGEON GENERAL’S WARNING: Any and all Spells & hexes are performed specifically for the sole purpose of generating an “L” for the opposing team! This includes but is not limited to, fumbles, penalties, in completions, pick 6’s, missed field goals, strips, trips, bungles, gaffs, brain farts, Come on Man’s, or otherwise benign occurrences.

PETA DISCLAIMER: No curses were used and no animals were hurt too bad or killed excessively in the making and or casting of this spell!