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Former New Orleans Saints safety Darren Sharper seeking another career

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The blog features Carrere and Sharper on a webcam in what looks to be an apartment/studio.  The segments last from 5-7 minutes and cover football as well as other topics in sports.

In the current four segments posted they discuss the Penn State child sex allegations, NBA Lockout, Tiger Woods former caddie Steve Williams, Ole Miss Coach Houston Nutt, and even a little Kyle Busch.

All four blogs appear to be done in a professional manner and show the range of motion and knowledge that Sharper has to offer if he does decide to officially retire from football.

Although fans, including myself, would love to see him return to the Dome and finish his career as a Saint(remember Mike McKenzie), it’s refreshing to see Sharper take a positive step in a direction that could serve him well into the future.

Besides, any hardcore Saints fan would agree that a choice between Skip Bayless and Darren Sharper would be easy.  Maybe finally ESPN would show the Saints and Who Dat Nation some love!  But….not likely.

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