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Final thoughts on New Orleans Saints loss to the St. Louis Rams

By Editorial Staff
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Second, yes, this was a poor game for Brees.  But, he actually played okay given the amount of time he had to throw the ball and how covered his receivers were.

The first interception was an awful throw, the second not as bad.  Until the last drive of the first half, Brees and the offense were not horrible.  The Rams defense just seemed to come up with their big plays on third down.

I thought the play calling in the second half was miserable.  New Orleans called way too many run plays.

At one point in the fourth quarter, down 24-7, the Saints called runs on all three downs of a series, failing to make a first down, resulting in a punt and a lot of time run off the clock.

Why the Saints would EVER choose to run on all three downs is beyond me, but especially with such a large deficit late in the game.

Third, I don’t think the loss to St. Louis has doomed the Saints’ season.  With that defense and run game, they should have never been favorites to win a Super Bowl to begin with.  But, there is still hope.

The best all-around teams do not always win the championship.  The Saints are not the best all-around team in the league, maybe not even in the division.  But their passing offense is so good that they can still beat anyone.

They can lose to anyone, but they can also beat anyone.  But hasn’t that been the case every year since Payton and Brees arrived in New Orleans, with the exception of 2009?

The Saints are still a very good home team (3-0), and five of their remaining eight games are in New Orleans.  Going 2-3 on the road so far is not ideal, but not unusual in the even for good NFL teams.

This year’s Saints appear to be about a 10- or 11-win team.  And then it will come down to whether the offensive line can protect Brees long enough to keep up with the Packers, Lions, or Giants in the playoffs.  Should be fun and torture to see.