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Saints win over Colts draws “spacely” viewers as UFO footage proves


The New Orleans Saints are coming off one of their worst losses in recent memory, falling to the winless Rams at the Edward Jones Dome 31-21 last Sunday.

Critics are already over analyzing every mistake made by New Orleans — now questions whether the defense can hold up against the run, or how the offensive line will ever keep Drew Brees upright again — are the first thing mentioned about the team.

The questions aren’t unfair to ask, after all the Saints defense hasn’t been good defending the run all season, and they were gashed by Rams running back Steven Jackson for 159 yards and two touchdowns.

A normally prolific offensive line fell apart completely after allowing six sacks on quarterback Drew Brees, nine hits, and more hurries than anyone would care to admit.

It was so bad in fact that Pro Bowl guard Carl Nicks and offensive line coach Aaron Kromer got into a shouting match on the sideline. What it was exactly about no one knows, but it couldn’t have been good.

The week before however was a different story as the Saints completely and totally dominated the Indianapolis Colts at home, winning by 55 points and tying the NFL record for the most points ever scored in a single game with 62.

Brees never took a single hit while passing for 325 yards and five touchdowns. He passed for an amazing 31 of 35 for an 88% completion percentage — a near flawless game.

It’s now hard to say which game was the anomaly — the unbelievable win or the horrible loss — but whatever the opinion of the general public the Saints shellacking of the Colts was good enough to draws visitors from space.

That’ right, I said it, visitors from space.

Some surprising footage has surfaced of the ESPN broadcast of the Saints/Colts game. Just as the game came back on from commercial break and opened on the famous New Orleans based St. Louis Cathedral, there was a sudden streak across the sky.

The streak was so fast that it was hardly noticeable, but some who watched noted the strange “streak of light” in the night sky. Once the footage was slowed down you could easily see the cylindrical lighted object streak through the frame.

In the end what you decide is entirely up to you. But it appears “Who Dat” reaches farther than the boundaries of planet Earth.