Who Dat Dish
Saints News


By Editorial Staff

As some of youse might had done noticed da GGM did not produce no spell this past week. Due to some confusion in da Saints organization about da GGM’s Supa Bowl check what still aint had done come yet as of last Friday da GGM was advised by his agent to sit out.

Dis was not sumpin dat da GGM tooks lightly ya here. But aint no point in paying dat dam agent all dat money if ya don’t listen to him.

Well actually I pays him in zombie girlz but dat aint da point.

Well I am glad to tell all yall dat Ms Rita done come through wit da check, da GGM is all paid up now and I’m glad dat we proved a point.

Spells always work but da spells can’t do it alone…you see what happens when dere aint no spell at all!

But anyhow dats all gone now, biddness is all done and I’m back on da J O B!

Matter of fact we puttin da Spell On The Buccaneers this week out with double gris gris powder cause I got some I didn’t use last week.

Also I AINT puttin none of dat grass I stole off da Buccaneer’s field dis summer in da pot dis time…hindsight sure is good, I shoulda knowed dat was a mistake…I gots me some Saints turf, dat was part of my deal wit Ms Rita, in da pot dis week and revamping an old winner!

Well sorry for all the pain I caused by not casting no spell last week but….again da spell can’t do it all! Dem boyze gots to show up too…I mean if dey can’t find da stadium by game time we gonna lose spell or no spell!

Gris Gris Man, Voodoo MD