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New Orleans Saints: Pete Carmichael, Roman Harper, and injury updates

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A lot has been made of the New Orleans Saints dominate 62-7 win over the Indianapolis Colts last Sunday, but not much has been said about one of the coaches directly responsible for much of the offenses success.

Offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael called every play against the Colts, helping the Saints rack up over 500 total yards, Brees to throw five touchdowns, and the ground game to pile up nearly 240 yards rushing.

Carmichael is not a house hold name, and the common opinion is that he holds and honorary title with the Saints as their offensive coordinator due to the fact head coach Sean Payton has constructed, executed, and called every offensive play since arriving in 2006.

Sunday was a different story though as Payton was forced to observe the game from the coaches box — high in the rafters of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome — after suffering a broken tibia and torn MCL the week before after a freak sideline snafu in Tampa Bay.

As far as anyone was aware Payton was still going to call all the plays from the booth against the Colts, just in a relay fashion to Carmichael who would then pass the call onto quarterback Drew Brees.

Is wasn’t until after the game that the truth was revealed — earlier in the week Payton has handed off preparations to his coaching staff and the play calling duties all to Pete Carmichael.

In the end any questions the Saints fans, or analysts, may have had about how well the Saints offense would fare without Payton on the sidelines have been answered, and woefully silenced.

The answer of course is just fine, and Carmichael finally may get the respect he deserves. He’s more than a title, he is a vital part of the potent New Orleans offense and he will have plenty of chances to continue to show out while Payton heals up.