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Indianapolis Colts @ New Orleans Saints: Inside information

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3)What key match ups do you see as the most crucial for Sunday’s game?

"For the Colts it’s almost always about controlling the line of scrimmage, and they’ve been pretty weak on both sides of the running game this season.  Can their revamped and shifting O-line protect Painter and create any holes for Delone Carter and Donald Brown (or Joseph Addai).  Probably not, so the focus will switch to stopping Darren Sproles, which the Colts never seem to be able to accomplish.   One wild card this time around, though, is the emergence of MLB Pat Angerer, who leads the world in tackles.  If he can get a bead on Sproles, then Indy might be able to bottle up the Saints running attack a bit and get a few shots at Drew Brees via DEs Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis."

4)Is there any chance that Peyton Manning returns to play this season? Any inside information for those not close to the Colts should know about his recovery?

"I wouldn’t count on seeing Manning this year, though owner Jim Irsay softened his initial stance about #18 being out for the year.    The general mood around here is pretty dark, and I think many Colts fans fear that we have seen the last of Manning as an active player.  No real inside information, but the fact that NOTHING ever happens on the Peyton front makes me think that there is no good news to be had."

5) Pierre Garcon has been on fire lately. Do you think he will find success against the Saints secondary? Where has Dallas Clark been in the offense?

"The Saints give up their fair share of big plays and points, so it’s quite possible that Garcon will have a couple of his big circus catches.   He could just as easily drop a key pass or fumble the ball away, because his hands are about as steady as his elbows.   You just never know. Clark is still trying to get back up to speed following his recent string of injuries and we’re probably seeing his decline phase, honestly.   That said, he did make a one-handed grab that gave Painter better numbers than he deserved last week against the Bengals."