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New Orleans Saints tight end David Thomas finally showing improvement


Tight end David Thomas has been sidelined since week three after suffering a concussion against the Houston Texans. He has not practiced since the injury and is doubtful for Sunday’s game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Last season a similar scenario unfolded when corner back Randall Gay suffered a concussion while playing against the 49ers.

In Gay’s case his concussions symptoms lingered well after the initial hit, eventually ending his season after being placed on injured reserve roughly a month later — he was released this spring before training camp.

For a moment fans were on the edge of their seat as they awaited Thomas’ fate after witnessing the downfall of Gay in an eerily similar fashion.

At last though it looks like finally some good news.

The coaching staff has kept a close eye on Thomas over the last few weeks, and were even worried enough about his health that they worked out several free agent tight ends as a precaution.

Thomas is making progress according to head coach Sean Payton. It appears for now that an injured reserve designation will not be in his future, although he is not completely out of the woods just yet.

A sure sign that one is still suffering effects from a concussion is sensitivity to light. Thomas is showing marked improvement, but still is displaying that sensitivity to light when tested.

Exact recovery times from concussions vary greatly, and in Thomas’ case he could miss another week or more pretty easily, but showing improvement is the first step in getting back on the field for the Saints.

In 2009 the Saints traded for Thomas after a rash of injuries during training camp at the position. He has since become a valuable member of the offense catching 67 passes for 583 and three touchdowns.