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New Orleans Saints: Sean Payton’s Monday conference (transcript)

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Do you like what you’re seeing with the makeup of this team?

“I think you can take something from a win like yesterday. We talked earlier and we talked about what type of team you have not just from a leadership standpoint, but you begin to develop a personality each year and it’s a little different from year to year and a win like yesterday can do a lot in that it was hard-fought, you had to come back, and you become somewhat resilient and you gain confidence from that. All those things are important and just as important though is us being able to make sure we look and see that we were up ten in this game and what kept us from separating at that point and it became a closer game.”

Did you notice any of Jeremy Shockey’s gestures towards your sideline during the game?

“No. That’s one of the great things I love about him is that he’s very emotional and he loves playing. We saw those while we were winning here and we saw them in New York. He’s very passionate about the game. He was very passionate as a college player and won a National Championship, he was passionate with the Giants and won a Super Bowl, and was passionate with us and won a Super Bowl. I think we’re always in the business of searching for people with passion. I didn’t notice anything different other than seeing Jeremy play or seeing Steve Smith play with emotion or seeing our guys such as Jimmy Graham play with emotion. It was a hard-fought game.”