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Miami Dolphins RB Reggie Bush: Different Team, Same Results?

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Dolphins Head Coach Tony Sparano made a big gamble in bringing Bush onto the team and stated that he would be the feature running back.  The Dolphins sit at 0-4 right now and Sparano looks like he may have the albatross now.

It’s been discussed heavily that Sparano would be fired if he didn’t turn the team around this season.  While Bush isn’t the cause of it, he surely isn’t helping with his lackluster performance.

It’s unclear how much Bush will be involved now that QB Chad Henne is on injured reserve and QB Sage Rosenfels had to be brought in very quickly.

The Dolphins have a bye this week and will use this time to get Rosenfels on page quickly.  For Reggie’s sake, he needs to do the same or the term “first round bust” will be closer to being a permanent label for him.

Pizza Hut recently hired Bush to be a spokesperson for them, ironically another franchise in decline.  Hopefully, Pizza Hut’s production won’t further plummet because of this signing.  I guess it seems we all have an albatross we must hire as well.

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