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Miami Dolphins RB Reggie Bush: Different Team, Same Results?

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But in his years with the Saints, Reggie teased us with his greatness in each game.  For every breakout play he made, he seemed to have a breakdown with a negative play.

He was called “Baby Matrix” by former Saints wide receiver Joe Horn in reference to Bush’s running style.  However, commentator’s and fans would have a name for it also:  “East and West”.

No argument that Bush’s most loved year was the Saints Superbowl season.  Reggie seemed to finally click and made spectacular plays.  The following year, due to injury, Bush fell into decline again.  Then there was the 2011 NFL Draft.

Running back Mark Ingram was selected in the first round and we all know what came next.  Head Coach Sean Payton wanted to keep Bush in his plans but Reggie wanted a feature start elsewhere and a trade was made with the Miami Dolphins.

Who Dat Nation was torn between cheers of his departure by Reggie haters and groans by  his disgruntled supporters.  Enter RB/KR Darren Sproles to the Saints roster and the favorite saying now is, “Reggie who?”