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Superdome Naming Rights Sold

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In what has been a ongoing process of renovation for the Superdome in New Orleans, one major part has been changed now, and it’s the name.

As of late yesterday, an informal announcement was made that auto giant Mercedes-Benz has bought the naming rights.  An official announcement is scheduled for later Tuesday at a press conference.

At the press conference, it’s expected that Mercedes-Benz will reveal it’s plans for the official name and also the representation that will displayed in and around the Superdome.  What was made known is that the naming rights will be for a 10 year agreement.

Gov. Bobby Jindal seemed very pleased at the deal and made a brief statement saying that, “I think this is great for the Saints and great for the state.”  He’s also thrilled probably that the state dosen’t have to pay the team any more direct subsidies.

Of course, this was no big secret and was made known when the New Orleans Saints signed a lease extension until 2025.  Part of the deal was that the Saints were given the ability to sell the naming rights.