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The New Orleans Saints Continue To Win "Even With Injuries"

By Editorial Staff
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There are several defensive players that have been out due to injuries also, but thanks to players like linebacker, Dunbar, Jo-Lonn, cornerback  Robinson, Patrick, defensive end McBride, Turk etc, all doing their job helped the Saints to continue to win.

But having Vilma, Jonathan and  Porter, Tracy  back on the field was great, and now head coach Payton and Defensive coordinator Greg Williams know that that their back-up’s are solid and can not have to worry about injuries. 

Bottom line is that the Saints have quality guys that Coach Payton can call on to be competitive, aggressive, and have the skill set to be a starter anywhere in this league, but chose to be part of a special team called the New Orleans Saints instead.

Thats the kind of players that I call quality and unselfish Saint’s, Who D’at loves them Saints.. We do Geaux Saints!

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