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Green Bay Packers And Detroit Lions Remain Undefeated In NFC North

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Only two teams remain undefeated in the NFL, both are in the NFC North and both have momentum on their side.

The Green Bay Packers seem to be unstoppable after they demolished the Denver Broncos by 26 points to win 49-23 on Sunday.  The Broncos were close before halftime but let the game slip away.

The Packers have seemed to pick up right where they left off from their Superbowl victory last season and look flawless.  They bucked the norm and didn’t participate in voluntary workouts during the NFL lockout.

One thing helping the Packers is that most of their starters are back healthy and QB Aaron Rodgers has more weapons than he knows what to do with.  Well, I guess actually he knows to score touchdowns with them.

The Packers seemed to be a favorite to try to repeat a Superbowl championship even during the lockout.  Talk has most certainly gone into full mode with the seemingly effortless play from them.

The Packers will travel to face the Atlanta Falcons next Sunday in what is being billed as a rematch of the NFC Championship game from last season.  That game of course ended the Falcons dreams of going to the Superbowl to face the Pittsburgh Steelers.