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NFC South Dominates Week 3; Week 4 Outlook

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Atlanta Falcons:  I’m really surprised at the 1-2 start by Atlanta.  I really thought at this point they would be fighting the New Orleans Saints for the number one spot.  However, Atlanta is last in the division and are on the road against the Seattle Seahawks this Sunday.

The offensive line for the Falcons has had problems keeping QB Matt Ryan upright in the pocket which is the only way for WR Roddy White and WR Julio Jones to stay involved  Their run game isn’t seeing that spark either against opponents.

The Seattle Seahawks will desperately try to get the “12th Man” involved to rattle the Falcons and inch past the number two spot in the NFC West.  They proved it can be done against teams like the New Orleans Saints.

Atlanta’s secondary will need to become a bigger factor in this game.  CB Brent Grimes was a standout last season and has been flashing so far but no fire.  I have a feeling it will happen in Seattle.

The Falcons need this win in order to stay in competition in the NFC South.  Although they are going into an extremely hostile environment (just ask Who Dat’s) the ship may be righted on the West Coast.

My pick for the winner of this game:  Atlanta Falcons.