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New Orleans Saints RB Pierre Thomas: A True Saint

By Editorial Staff
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This made him the  first player in New Orleans Saints history to gain more than 100 yards on the ground and 100 yards receiving in the same game.  It was the 3rd highest total in team history and would set him up for great things in 2008.

The following season when McAllister returned to action, Thomas found himself competing for a starting role. When McAllister got the nod he never once complained about sharing carries with the veteran.

Instead he welcomed his teammate back and continued to put the team first. In a era where so many players are more concerned with personal goals and contract incentives, that speaks volumes to kind of person Pierre Thomas is.

Deuce was released before the 2009 season began, and Thomas was sure to be the premier Saints back, but when 2nd year Saint Mike Bell proved he was worthy of playing time, Thomas would once again have to share the load.

Despite receiving less carries then Bell, Thomas led the team in rushing. Thomas and Bell along with Reggie Bush went on to combine for nearly 22oo yards on the ground, giving the Saints the 5th best rushing attack in the NFL on their way to a Super Bowl victory.