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Former New Orleans Saints Steve Gleason Stirs Emotion With Return

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Gleason and his wife Michel have a child due on October 28 and his only fear was her having to care for not only their child but himself as well.  He has began to record videos and blogs to show their child when he can no longer communicate with speech and to see him before ALS took hold of him.

Gleason has also formed a website called Team Gleason and his website is http://www.team-gleason.com/.  I encourage our readers to check this website out and show your support for Gleason and ALS awareness. He is also on Facebook and Twitter(@team_gleason).

In a show of ultimate class Monday night, the Saints awarded Gleason with a Superbowl ring and he was given a key to the city of New Orleans by Mayor Mitch Landrieu in a private ceremony.

Gleason is also now enshrined at the Saints practice facility with a mural showing the blocked punt from five years ago.  A lasting memory for all of us.

I can only hope we find the same courage, inspiration, and hope that Gleason is showing at the young age of 34 towards this terrible disease.  We wish him and his family well and many prayers.