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New Orleans Saints ran on all twelve cylinders against Chicago Bears

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The Bears tried to rally in the second half and managed to sit the Saints down in 4 plays, then put together 5 plays before having to settle for a field goal to make the score 16-13 Saints.

The Saints offense fizzled out again in 4 plays, but 2 plays later Vilma recovered a Bears fumble to put Brees back into business. This time Drew found Meachem with a short pass in 5 plays to turn the score into a 10 point lead, with the help of another Kasay extra point.

This time the Bears managed to string together 6 plays before being forced to punt to New Orleans, who took over on their own 13 after a fair catch by Sproles.

The Saints methodically moved down the field for 9 plays before the 3rd quarter ended, but not before losing Wright to an injury on the last play of the 3rd.

When play resumed in the 4th quarter Drew Brees turned a 9 play drive into 15 and 7 more points after a 1 yard pass to Sproles for another TD, and another Kasay extra point.

The Saints are up by a score of 30 to 10, and the game is starting to get more and more exciting as the Saints are chewing up the clock, and wearing down the Bears defense.

The Bears tried to come back, but a Casillas sack on Cutler turned a 7 play drive into a punt, which the Saints took at their 8 yard line.

On the next Saints possession a double set of penalties forced the Saints to punt after 5 plays, and Chicago took over on their own 39.

This time a Galette sack on Cutler helps force the Bears to punt again after 5 plays, and the Saints take over on their 21.

After an incomplete pass and two completions by Brees for a net gain of -1 yards, the Saints are forced to punt to the bears, who take over at their own 30.

By this time the Bears had less than 6 minutes to make a comeback, but bad luck and poor execution haunted them.

After two Bears penalties and two incompletions, a Roman Harper sack led to 4th and 24, which resulted in a Harper/Jenkins sack, and the Saints regained possession of the ball at the Bears 27.