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New Orleans Saints: Gris Gris man’s spell on the Chicago Bears

By Editorial Staff

GGM’s Spell on the Bears

Deep in the swamp where the sun never shines,
Where creatures slither and are covered in slime,
Here where I live with those who walk while their dead,
I boil up my pot and cast this spell of great dread,
I call on the spirits of voodoo and black magic,
To give me your power to make this spell tragic,
I powdered up some monkey bones from Audubon Park,
And put in some bat wings that flew in the dark,
In goes my gris-gris powder from an old Voodoo King,
Now hear me Papa Legba as my spell I do sing,
And to all of the spirits who follow Ms Marie Laveau,
It is on the Chicago Bears this spell I do throw,
I lay my magic broom across their goal line,
They won’t be able to cross but two maybe one time,
I got me some hair from dat skinny Hester’s ol head,
When he goes out for passes his feet will be like lead,
And dat old Mr Cutler, well I stole his eyelashes,
Now all he will see is Tracy catching his passes,
Forte is a funny name name and dat is for true,
But running past Vilma he will not be able to do,
It’s a spell not a curse so next year they will be fine,
But come this Saturday they will be knocked on their behinds,
So let all who read this and hear it whispered in the wind,
Know one thing for sure is dat the Saints are going to win!

Any and all Spells and Hexes are performed specifically for the sole purpose of generating an “L” for the opposing team. Including but not limited to fumbles, penalties, incompletions, interceptions, missed field goals, strips, trips bungles, gaffs, brain farts, Come on Man’s and other benign and not so benign occurrences. No curses were used and no animals were hurt or killed excessively in the making and or casting of this spell.

Gris Gris Man, Voodoo Surgeon General