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New Orleans Saints: Defensive Line Not The Only Concern

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When the New England Patriots released Brandon Meriweather Saturday, I really thought the Saints should gauge some interest in him(Safety Meriweather Worth A Look By New Orleans Saints).  Meriweather would have brought some good experience, especially against the Packers.

But I also knew the Saints needed to sign another Tight End since they only had two remaining on the roster(New Orleans Saints “Final” Roster Might Not Be So Final /New Orleans Saints Sign TE John Gilmore For Depth).  With the Packers being stout on defense, obviously the run support was needed for additional blockers.

As the season opener looms less than 24 hours away, it’s quite obvious that the move to leave the secondary as is shows the confidence that Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams has in the young Amaya and Abdul-Quddus.  I just hope that this confidence is returned with excellent gameplay.

Heaven forbid something happens to Jenkins or Harper, since Amaya or Abdul-Quddus would then be pushed into the feature role.  Then that would leave the Saints scrambling to find a suitable replacement with the season already in full swing.

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