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New Orleans Saints “Final” Roster Might Not Be So Final

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Like all New Orleans Saints fans, I was watching to see what the 53 man roster would be today.  However, as other NFL teams make cuts, things can change quickly with this “final” roster.

I like to think of this time as the “do over” for free agency.  With 32 teams making roster moves, sometimes the grass can be greener everywhere.  Veterans and rookies alike are looking for employment after being released and some teams are more than willing to give them a quick glance.

Although some refer to this day as the final roster cut day, players can still be released if another catches a team’s eye.  As long as the team stays within the 53 man limit, anything is possible on the waiver wire or free agency.

It remains to be seen if the Saints make such a move during this period and if they do, it won’t shock me.  There are a few areas they could use some depth in just as insurance.

Currently, the Saints only have two at the Tight End position which are Jimmy Graham and David Thomas.  If there was an injury, the Saints would have to scramble to sign a backup.