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New Orleans Saints: Sean Canfield, Garrett Hartley, and Alex Brown

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The New Orleans Saints will host the Tennessee Titans tomorrow in their final game of the 2011 NFL preseason. Drew Brees will see no action in the contest, and neither will top backup Chase Daniel.

Sean Canfield, the former Oregon State Beaver and a seventh round pick of the Saints last year, will be starting in place of Brees and Daniel.

Why? Because it’s a meaningless game and the Saints would like to get an extended look at Canfield — his future depends on his performance.

Canfield spent most of last season on the Saints practice squad after getting beat out by Daniel, and arguably Patrick Ramsey at the time, in becoming Brees backup.

The Saints saw enough to want to keep him with the team. So far though his action in preseason games this year has been minimal at best, completing 6 of 12 passes for 82 yards, appearing in the final closing minutes of each game  nearly exclusively.

Canfield is not as accurate a passer as Daniel, but does possess a big arm to go along with quick reactions. If there is one knock on Daniel it’s that he has a tendency to hang on to the ball in the pocket for a little too long,  Canfield however gets the ball out quick.

Tomorrow’s game is Canfield’s chance to prove he belongs on the roster. At slim as it may be he does have a shot to make the roster since the owners and players have agreed to expand game day rosters from 45 to 46 active players.

No longer will the third quarterback strictly be an emergency only player.

Saints fans were treated to a delightful display of two point attempts towards the end of the Oakland Raiders game.

It was thought initially that Payton was trying to get a little practice in for the regular season, turns out instead that kicker Garrett Hartley was injured after kicking an extra point.

Described as a hip injury and “not that serious” by the team, they later added ex-Panther kicker John Kasey indicating Hartley may be more injured then they are letting on.

Hartley’s injury could be a hip flexor, and not unlike a hamstring injury, they can be stubborn to fully recover from if not given the proper healing time.