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New Orleans Saints still not ready for Green Bay Packers

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While those things are all well and good, what caught my attention was comments made after the game and this morning on the news and radio.  Fans called into the media and said they were satisfied with the way the Saints played and were fine with the defense.

Once again, this was the Raiders my WDD readers and not the Green Bay Packers.  I love the Saints as much as anyone and I will say with much honesty that we are not quite ready for the Packers just yet.  Even if they were playing us in the Superdome I would say the same.

The attack you saw last night from our offense hopefully will carry over to September 8.  The Packers love to blitz and our offensive line will need to hold up against LB Clay Matthews and DL B.J. Raji.  They also love to bring CB Charles Woodson on these blitz packages so all hands are needed.

With the cushion that the Raider’s receivers were getting, Packers QB Aaron Rodgers will pick the secondary apart.  The missed tackles that happened will be horrible with stopping the run game.  If you noticed, when the Raiders saw this issue last night they attacked with the run over and over.