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The New Orleans Saints need to establish stability in the preseason

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When an opposing team comes into the dome intimidated by the Saints and truly believes that they are in for the battle of their life, it sets the tone for the game with the visitors reacting to the Saints, rather than the other way around.

Before we can expect the crowd to believe in the team and our opponents to fear them, the Saints must first start to believe in themselves, and show it, each and every play with cold, calculated precision.

In the Texans game we were controlled in most every aspect, and that’s a poor way to start off a season.

It’s not too late to turn it around, but it needs to happen in the Raiders game. Remember the old mantra: “you have to win all the games you’re supposed to win, and most of the ones you’re not supposed to”.

The Raiders game is one of those that we’re supposed to win; hopefully the time off and the practice this week will have the desired effect, and the Saints can get back on track.

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