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New Orleans Saints: Defense will seek redemption against Oakland Raiders

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Let’s get real though.  Preseason or not, you’re kidding yourself if you didn’t raise an eyebrow at that game.  Apparently the Saints decided during practice this week that they would raise a few themselves.  Well, eyebrows and a few helmets.

It’s not uncommon for fights or a quick skirmish to break out during training camp.  Usually this happens after the grind has gotten to a few players or camp itself has become tedious.  The Saints really haven’t had one until right after they began training in Oxnard, California.

Eventhough the weather was perfect and fans were showing the Saints some “California Love”, the sting of their loss to the Texans was still fresh.  Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams was going to make sure it stayed that way.

On the first day of camp, Williams treated his defensive players to a series of up downs for their performance.  Sure it’s preseason and the starters don’t play the entire time, but Williams takes zero excuses regardless.