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New Orleans Saints: Defense will seek redemption against Oakland Raiders

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You often see the words “Saint” and “redemption” used in close context with each other on Sundays.  Well it looks like the New Orleans Saints defense will be seeking their own redemption this Sunday against the Oakland Raiders.

It’s safe to say that the Saints as a whole wanted to put the loss to the Houston Texans behind them and move on.  Yes, the offense left much to be desired but they still had a few bright spots.

The defense however made Saints fans cringe as the dreaded memory of the Wild Card Playoff loss to the Seattle Seahawks seemed to be replaying itself again.  To use an old expression, the newly restructured defensive line couldn’t stop a nose bleed.

What was really shocking was the complete opposite had happened just a week earlier when the Saints defense had all but crushed the San Francisco 49ers in their first preseason game.  It appeared that the Saints had fixed their run defense problem.

During the Texans game, Matt Schaub looked like Drew Brees and the Texans defense acted like they were in a playoff game.  Panic set in with Who Dat’s who began breathing into paperbags while they repeated, “It’s only preseason..It’s only preseason!”