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New Orleans Saints will be in for a long week in California

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While this loss was disappointing, Who Dat Nation should take care not to read too much into preseason games at this point.

Coach Payton even made the statement that the team isn’t really complete at this point.  With injuries to some starters, backup are being forced into play.

Those that follow training camp closely see that there is some major shuffling going on with personnel, especially on defense.

The Saints secondary has been hit with some injuries that are causing second team players to quickly adjust to a starting role.

I also think, with a touch of conspiracy, that with the Saints playing the Texans in Week 3 of the regular season, Coach Payton and Williams didn’t want to reveal too much last night.

I kept seeing the word “vanilla” last night when it came to describing the Saints game performance.

Of course I believe that the Texans are just that good.  With Head Coach Gary Kubiak’s career on the line, and defensive coordinator Wade Phillips revamped defense, the Texans looked ready to make a major push in the AFC South.