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New Orleans Saints Roster Cuts Reveal Business Of NFL Football

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While the average fan thinks of the game of NFL football, you need to look at the business of NFL football.  Because business is what it is in the end.  From the top to the bottom, the same thing is expected from everyone.  And it’s called production.

If a business dosen’t produce, then that business won’t last very long.  Owners expect General Managers to produce, General Managers expect coaches to produce,  coaches expect players to produce, and most of all fans expect everybody to produce.

If there is a break in production, then the whole system begins to fail.  While it may seem cold, Stinchcomb’s release was needed.  I loved him to death and was very grateful we had him when we did.  But his recent injuries and dip in performance would have been a disaster this season.

With the type of pass rushing defenses the Saints will face this year, they would have overtaken the line and Brees would be on his back or worse.  In order to bring the next person up, one must go down.