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Upgrades For The Superdome And The New Orleans Saints

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While people were anxious to see RB Mark Ingram’s debut, it was the defense that shined.  The “Swiss cheese” defense that was victimized in the Wild Card loss to the Seattle Seahawks began to erase that memory.

While run stoppage needs work, it was much improved including plays from Safety Roman Harper.  Harper played well with the big play being a  forced fumble as he sacked 49ers QB Alex Smith.

He also had a fumble recovery for a touchdown, but it was later ruled as an incomplete pass from Smith.  Still, it showed Harper’s prowness and aggressive style of play.  Harper has been thrashed by many as of late for his performance in the Wild Card loss.

I was excited to see him do well, since I had been in a heated debate the day before with my friend Bryan over my defense of Harper.  My gloating texts to Bryan during the game, by the way, still have not been returned!