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Upgrades For The Superdome And The New Orleans Saints

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A call to the Saints ticket office garnered me a similar response.  The representative on the phone apologized and honestly told me that she couldn’t give me an answer as to where the entrance was located.

My wife, who can smell a shoe sale five miles away, noticed several people with official looking Saints Polo shirts walking down a ramp several miles away in Row C.  We struck off and found we had reached this “Area 51” entrance.

Upon entering, we saw the massive matted glass doors to the lounge.  However the attendant inside told us they were still installing the door handles and wasn’t ready yet.  He directed us to a ramp leading to the top and we charged up like two kids getting in line on the waterslide.

The upgrades were noticeable, especially with the widened concourse and addition of numerous bathrooms and concession areas.  While some people suffered through games to not go to the restroom, it’s not that much of an ordeal now.  The hardest part is just the normal tight rope walk to get out of your row.