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Upgrades For The Superdome And The New Orleans Saints

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While the NFL world was excited to return to football, New Orleans Saints fans were ecstatic to see their team return to the Superdome and it’s fresh new look.

As a season ticket holder, I have been pumped about the recent renovations to the Superdome.  The section I’m in recently went through some upgrades from being Plaza Sideline to Bunker Club Sideline.

While a picture is worth a thousand words, pictures can’t give you a true grasp so I couldn’t wait to see from my own eyes.  Of course getting there was easier said than done.

Bunker Club ticket holders are presented with the option to access the Superdome via the parking garage and enter straight in the Bunker Club Lounge to your seats instead of through the regular gates.

Upon arrival to the parking garage, my wife and I presented our parking pass and asked about the “new” entrance.  The attendant seemed to not know what I was talking about and I immediately felt a twinge of “Oh boy”.